Boat maintenance in Southern California

Yacht refit in Southern California

Your boat's care is definitely something to be proud of. At Sea-Shield we specialize in exterior Yacht refit in Southern California and detailing. We understand how important is for you to keep your yacht in the best conditions, and at the same time find the most efficient way to do it. That’s why we count on experienced professionals working within the boating and mega yacht industry to develop each one of our services and make your life easier.

Sea-shield philosophy is to allow our customers to enjoy their boat without spending too much time on their Yacht refit in Southern California. We strive to provide a line of the highest quality products that clean faster, polish better and protect longer than any other products in their class. Therefore, when our products are applied your maintenance time significantly reduces.


Tasks involved in detailing yachts and adding a protective barrier against the damaging effects of the sun and the sea must be handled by experts to ensure the highest protection and proper care of your vessel. When you use Sea-Shield premium products, future wash downs get easier and your yacht protection is guaranteed.

Our Yacht refit in Southern California services include glass window deep cleaning and long-term nano-coating protection; paint restoration and newer paint maintenance; gelcoat cut-polish-protection; stainless steel polishing; plastic restoration, and teak deck maintenance.

Please, contact us for more information about our products and the best way to maintain your watercraft.

  Yacht refit in Southern California